Crystal Blockchain: Make Fraud Traceable, Cross-Border 

Crystal Blockchain

Crystal Blockchain stands as the foremost comprehensive blockchain analytics solution for ensuring cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. It offers real-time blockchain analytics and continuous monitoring of crypto transactions across a vast array of cryptocurrencies.

Crystal Blockchain collaborates with clients across the globe, encompassing the digital asset sector, banking institutions, and financial organizations.

Our mission is to simplify and enhance their compliance with international standards through streamlined Know Your Transaction (KYT) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures.

Crystal Blockchain is available in various formats, including a free demo version, Software as a Service (SaaS), Application Programming Interface (API), and for on-premise installation. It is expertly engineered by Bitfury, a renowned leader in the blockchain industry.

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About The 4th Global Anti-Scam Summit

Our recommendation at the 4th Global Anti-Scam Summit: “Make Fraud Traceable, Cross-Border”, a dynamic session focusing on instilling trust in an untrusted market. 

Hosted by Crystal, this track is orchestrated to navigate the intricate maze of cross-border fraud, bringing together thought leaders and industry pioneers.

It was hosted on October 18 in Lisbon, Portugal, unveiling groundbreaking strategies and insights:

  • Nick Smart (Crystal Blockchain Analytics) – Steering the session as Chair, Nick lays the ground for an enlightening exploration of trust-building strategies in untrusted markets.
  • Wes Quigley (FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center) – Delving deep into the escalating involvement of cryptocurrency in scams, laying bare the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Nirmal Shah (Crypto Helpline) – Narrating a journey from victim to advocate, encapsulating hope and empowerment in the face of crypto scams.
  • Ana Maria Anic (MoonPay) – Guiding through strategies to navigate scams, social engineering, and friendly fraud, fortifying merchant protection and fostering consumer trust.

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Meet The Crystal Blockchain Team

  • Nick Smart – Director of Blockchain Intelligence

Crystal Blockchain Recent News

Crystal Blockchain announces Jordan Alexander as Associate Director of Product

Crystal, the blockchain analytics company renowned for its solutions in crypto investigations and AML compliance, has revealed the appointment of Jordan Alexander, based in London, as its new Associate Director of Product.

In his fresh role, Alexander will collaborate closely with Crystal’s CEO, Marina Khaustova, to craft a robust strategy aimed at consistent innovation and the successful delivery of the company’s products to the market.

Alexander’s addition to the Crystal team brings a wealth of experience garnered over the years, including his tenure at the multinational cybersecurity software firm, Avast.

There, Alexander served as the product lead for their secure and private browser, focusing on designing solutions to detect and combat security threats. Prior to this, Alexander spearheaded a cloud computing startup, assisting companies in utilizing infrastructure as code..

His inclusion in the Crystal team underscores the company’s dedication to ensuring the safety and security of cryptocurrency usage for financial institutions of all types.

“It is incredibly thrilling to join Crystal. At this pivotal juncture in its evolution toward becoming a market-leading blockchain intelligence firm, Crystal is poised to lead the way in introducing innovation to the rapidly evolving and captivating realm of digital assets, enabling businesses to securely embrace cryptocurrencies,” remarked Alexander.

This significant appointment signifies the next phase in the firm’s expansion. As the blockchain intelligence provider, headquartered in Amsterdam, sets its sights on entering the U.S. market, it aims to tailor its solutions more effectively to cater to the specific requirements of local regulations and risk landscapes.


Here are some questions being asked about Crystal Blockchain, visit the website to see more.

Who is Crystal Blockchain?

Crystal is a blockchain analytics company based in Amsterdam. They specialize in creating solutions that simplify cryptocurrency compliance processes and support investigations related to financial crimes.

Crystal collaborates with clients worldwide, serving the digital asset industry, banking and regulatory sectors, as well as law enforcement agencies.

Our comprehensive blockchain analytics tool offers the necessary tools and insights for enhancing Know Your Transaction (KYT) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes.

This empowers organizations to detect and prevent financial crimes while streamlining their operations.

What is Crystal Expert?

Crystal Expert serves as a comprehensive blockchain analytics solution designed for compliance teams to oversee cryptocurrency transactions and scrutinize entities, aligning with global regulatory anti-money laundering (AML) mandates.

It is also a valuable resource for investigators, enabling them to pinpoint wrongdoers and track the paths of illicit cryptocurrency transactions.

Crystal Expert delivers insightful visualizations of cryptocurrency transactions and customer networks, offering real-time data and transaction monitoring capabilities for a wide spectrum of cryptocurrencies.

Who are Crystal’s customers?

Crystal serves a diverse clientele encompassing banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, enterprises, virtual asset providers, government agencies, and independent investigators.

Which cryptocurrencies does Crystal Expert currently support?

Crystal currently provides support for an extensive list of 335 blockchains. This comprehensive roster encompasses prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

How does Crystal collect data about know high-risk wallets and other entities?

Crystal’s Data and Intelligence Team consistently gathers, handles, and scrutinizes data from various publicly accessible sources. This encompassing effort includes proprietary access to high-risk and illicit services, alongside repositories like data leaks.

It’s important to note that Crystal Blockchain neither collects nor processes data related to the private ownership of individuals.

This principle remains unwavering, even in instances where such information may be disclosed on documents such as international sanctions lists or legal records that clients might need to comply with local regulations.

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