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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity (ETH: $AXS) is a popular blockchain-based game built around the concept of NFT collectibles.

Players of Axie Infinity can discover, collect, combine, and battle fantasy creatures known as Axies. The players can earn Smooth Love Potion (ETH: $SLP) tokens when they win challenges against opponents in the Ranked PvP mode. With a growing world, characters, and unique art direction, Axie Infinity is a global hit with players. Here is the latest on this unique game.

Origins S6 Balancing Update

In a recent blog post, Sky Mavis, the Axie Infinity lead developer, recently announced various balancing updates that could be included in Origins S6. He posted that the updates include new starter axies, game pacing, changes to the game mechanics, and more. The developer team urged the community not to make any financial decisions based on the blog post, and the updates were not final.

One of the major updates is that Axie Infinity: Origins will get two new starter axies, Xia and Bing. While the art was not revealed, an overview was provided, including the cards, runes, and charms they will have.

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Another important update is the change to the pacing. The game will feel more fast-paced as turns will be shortened. Instead of 60 seconds per turn, it will be cut to 45 seconds, rewarding players who can make quick decisions.

Another update entails lowering the energy requirements for Energy Bursts by 20% for all levels. Players can now get additional cards earlier as they will be receiving an extra card on odd burst levels, instead of even. As a result, players can get up to five cards after their first Energy Burst.

A bonus Energy Fragment has also been introduced when a player completes a turn with leftover energy, speeding up the game’s pace. The change is meant to add a new layer of decision-making to how cards are used. Additionally, the team has updated the animations with the new pacing.

A notable minor change is the removal of P2 Free Keep. It will eliminate the free-keep advantage Player 2 has. It will ensure that Player 1 has a “slight edge in consistency and Energy Fragment Economy Remove.” The result will be a level playing field.

$AXS Token Details

Axie Infinity Shards or $AXS are ERC20 tokens. They are the governance tokens of the Axie universe. Holders of the AXS tokens have a say in the ecosystem’s future and the Community Treasury’s usage. There are 270 million AXS tokens, many of which are still in lockup. The tokens will be unlocked according to a set schedule, with the final unlock expected in 2026.

Besides being a governance token, AXS can be staked in exchange for AXS token rewards. Additionally, they are used for payments on the Axie NFT marketplace. These tokens are also used to determine eligibility to participate in certain sales conducted by the developer team.

$AXS Price Performance

The current price of $AXS tokens is $4.48, with a market cap of $633,977,794, placing them at #50 by market cap. AXS tokens hit their all-time high on November 6, 2021, at $165.37. The current price is a 97.24% discount on the ATH. The AXS 24-hour trading volume stands at $23,061,940 as of September 26, 2023. Most of the trading volume is on Upbit, BitForex, Topcredit Int, and Binance, which account for over $21 million.

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All Things Considered

A while back, Axie Infinity suffered a major attack that led to the loss of over $600 million worth of crypto. Since then, the project has had a modest recovery, and the community has continued to grow. With constant updates and improvements being cranked out by the team, $AXS will remain a formidable token for years.

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