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Introducing MagicCraft – The Mythical Multiplayer MOBA GameFi Experience

Magic Craft

MagicCraft (BNB: $MCRT) is a play-to-earn, free-to-play game in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) format.

This Player versus Player (PVP) game is a mythical strategy battler, where players can complete tasks and challenges, such as winning a battle against another player, to win NFTs and earn $MCRT tokens. The adventurous blockchain game continues to gain immense popularity in the booming GameFi arena.

The MagicCraft app can be found on Apple and Android devices, as well as played through the popular online gaming platform, Steam.

Embark on a mystical journey in MagicCraft, a universe spanning PC, Android, and iOS. Armed with the powerful $MCRT token, every hero ventures into the NFT marketplace to amplify earnings and forge their legend. MagicCraft offers innovative ownership of intake assets on the block chain, you own your game and an epic saga where you are the hero. Convert $MCRT to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Embrace the adventure; MagicCraft awaits!


MagicCraft Offers Unique Game Play

Players can play in matches with sixteen different characters. Gameplay comprises different battle arenas, each unique in design and objective. Several side quests present an opportunity to earn NFTs and $MCRT tokens.

There are two teams in each match, whose goal is to complete a mini-quest inside an arena, each lasting five minutes. To progress through the match, players have to eliminate the opposing team. Points are awarded for each assist, kill, and quest completed. Players who get the most points receive the MVP badge and prize in $MCRT tokens.

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Epic Quests

Quests are of three different types, which are determined by the battle arena. They are Skull Grab, Capture the Points, and Escort the Golem.

The Skull Grab quest is played in an arena covered in purple skulls. The objective is to collect as many skulls as possible to get the most points. If players die during a battle, all their collected skulls become available for others to collect.

In Capture the Points, there are three control points in the arena marked A, B, and C. After the five minute game, whoever captures and defends the most capture points get the highest score. Every successful capture grants a player a point.

The final quest is Escort the Golem, where players must push the Golem ball that is positioned in the center of the arena into the final resistance inside the enemy’s zone. The ball can be pushed by entering inside its sphere, however the opposition will resist and try to kill you.

Powerful Guilds

The game has sixteen NFT characters organized into guilds: The Fallen, The Keepers of Arcana, The NightBinders, The Betrothed, and The Hunters. The Fallen comprise warriors called Sir Templus, Brienne, Dr. Lutz, and Gail. Keepers of Arcana are mages named Karas, Jean, Blazy, and Leila. NightBinders are assassins named Imorith, Vladislav, Zap, and Amun. The Betrothed are rivals to the Fallen, who protect nature. Lastly, there are the Hunters, ranged warriors named Trueshot, Tara, Moira, and Craig.

The MagicCraft NFT Marketplace

Besides winning NFTs, players can purchase them on the NFT marketplace. Items on the marketplace are placed in different categories, including pets, characters, castles, skins, clothing, armor, land, and weapons. Each item has a varying rarity, ranging from common to rare, epic, and legendary, which is the rarest. Some items come in limited collections, which players earn in certain events.

The BNB Smart Chain secures the NFTs, meaning players fully own their in-game items. You can convert the $MCRT tokens or NFTs into fiat by sending them to an exchange or NFT marketplace to sell.



$MCRT tokens are the game’s native token. The total token supply is 10 billion $MCRT. Of these tokens, the circulation supply is 30.4%, representing 3.04 billion $MCRT tokens.

At their peak in December 2021, the $MCRT tokens had a market cap of over $200 million. Since then, the market cap has dropped significantly and is currently at around $4.8 million. The current price of $0.001593 per $MCRT represents a discount of around 96.5% from the all-time high.

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Social Media

MagicCraft’s numbers on social media networks continue to grow immense. The GameFi project has over 120K followers on Twitter, 29,567 members on Telegram, and 40,905 members on Discord.

Closing Remarks

While the price of the $MCRT token has dipped significantly, the developer team has continued to work hard on the project to create value for the community. MagicCraft and the associated $MCRT tokens create long-term value within a new generation of gaming that can only improve with time.

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