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$PINKSALE Finance – A Leading Launchpad Protocol for the Masses


PinkSale Finance has emerged as one of the leading Launchpad protocols helping to get new and innovative crypto projects off the ground.

Blockchain technology has presented endless possibilities for online transactions. However, launching a successful crypto project has always been challenging until recently. PinkSale Finance is a project designed to make it easy for anyone with an innovative crypto project to get it to market in the shortest time possible.

How PinkSale Finance Works

PinkSale Finance is an innovative Launchpad protocol that makes it easy to launch a crypto project with just a few clicks. To date, 18,548 crypto projects have been launched via PinkSale. These projects have raised over $399 million in liquidity. Even more amazing is that all these milestones have been achieved in less than three years.

Why PinkSale Finance is Unique

One of the unique aspects of PinkSale Finance is that it is decentralized. Another unique aspect of the platform is that it supports seven blockchains. It initially only supported the Binance smart Chain. Today, it supports six other blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, KuCoin, Avalanche, Fantom, and Cronos.

Another unique aspect of the PinkSale Finance Launchpad protocol is the level of customization possible. Project creators can customize transaction taxes, deflationary tokens, create charity funds, and more.

Another unique aspect of the PinkSale platform is PinkPads. These are launchpads funded by the $PINKSALE token. Additionally, an Airdrop feature allows anyone to create airdrops for their crypto project.

PinkSale is a one-stop shop for launching tokens on different blockchain networks. The most important features of the platform are Customization, Launchpad, Community Management, Branding, and Locking.

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How PinkSale LaunchPads Work

Anyone can visit the PinkSale Finance platform and create a Launchpad. Project developers have the option to create a token before they create a Launchpad. There is also the option to create a fair launch of their token. The fair launch option means anyone can participate in the token sale without a pre-sale.

Once users participate in a token launch, their funds remain locked until the pre-sale ends. An “Emergency Withdraw” feature lets buyers back out of a token sale at any time. However, backing out comes with a 10% tax. However, if a project fails to reach its soft cap during the pre-sale, it is canceled, and all funds are returned to the buyers.

The PinkSale Coin ($PINKSALE)

The PinkSale Coin is the native token of the PinkSale Finance protocol. Developers aim to make the Pinksale Finance platform self-sustaining via this token. Consequently, the token has remained wildly popular within the crypto community.

The token’s proven utility and the PinkSale platform’s success have kept demand for it consistently high, even during crypto winter. Its market cap is over $14.8 million and growing.

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Closing Statement

PinkSale Finance has received glowing reviews online. It is easy to use for both project developers and participants. As the crypto industry grows, PinkSale Finance and its $PINKSALE tokens will undoubtedly play an important role.  

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