International Soccer Star Lionel Messi Sets His Focus On $PLANET


The international soccer star Lionel Messi recently sparked speculation regarding a short video he posted on his Instagram page on July 6, 2023.

In the 33-second Instagram video, Messi, recently crowned GOAT after winning The 2022 FIFA World Cup, is kicking a black can labeled “pollution.” This might represent a movement by Messi foraying into environmental activism. You see, 25-seconds into the video, a small logo and the words “JOIN THE PLANET” are featured prominently on a billboard. These words are part of the slogan for the $PLANET crypto project.

Three days ago, on July 24, 2023, we received an official confirmation from Inter Miami CF. In a Twitter / X post, Messi’s current football club posted the same video with the eye emoji and a link to Planet’s profile.

What Is $PLANET?

PLANET (ETH | BNB: $PLANET) is a global environmental movement that seeks to harness the power of the blockchain to combat social and environmental issues. Its mission is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

$PLANET utilizes a unique approach to tackling environmental issues, which involves the star power of celebrities. Another clue to its links to Messi is the details revealed in the project’s fair launch on May 30, 2023. At the time, the project hinted at the presence of GOATs, an acronym for ‘Greatest of All-Time’, within its ranks. Given Messi’s status as the true GOAT, his association with $PLANET could help to propel the project into the limelight.

$PLANET uses the star power of international celebrities to shine a light on projects making a positive impact towards attaining the UN’s Sustainable Developments Goals. The result is that communities and causes are rewarded for their positive efforts.

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$PLANET’s Digital Ecosystem

The $PLANET ecosystem is anchored on transparency to ensure they can have a quantifiable impact on the communities and issues they address. One example is the project’s offering of unique Real World Assets (RWAs) in partnership with world-famous celebrities. These are assets that are tokenized on-chain using DeFi. Revenues from the sales of RWAs will be used to fund specified causes, which can be tracked transparently on the blockchain.

To ensure that the impact of these RWAs can be measured, $PLANET is working with frameworks such as the Karün Traceability System. The system tracks the total CO2 emissions of each RWA while also working to find ways to offset them.

The $PLANET Ecosystem Fund

$PLANET aims to disrupt the global tech industry, valued at over $300 billion using the PLANET Ecosystem Fund. $PLANET has created a business model to achieve $100 million in annual revenue to achieve this.

The Fund will identify and invest in positive ventures, technologies, and projects. Its management will focus on creating profitability for the $PLANET protocol while championing sustainability. Some focus areas will be AI-based trading, high-sustainability-based startups, and other high-yield investments.


The $PLANET project was launched on May 30, 2023, and it currently has a market cap of $60.59M with a total supply of 997.26B tokens.

The project just completed a massive 2.73B buyback and burn, as the original supply was 1T tokens. Thanks to a strategy of continuous buyback and burning initiatives, $PLANET aims to systematically reduce its supply across all revenue streams, creating scarcity and benefiting its holders both directly and indirectly.

$PLANET is up substantially from its initial launch price, with consideration towards its continual buyback and burn mechanism and mass attention brought to it by the international superstar, Messi, and his football club, Inter Miami CF. We have optimistic expectations that the project’s uptrend will continue as we progress deeper into this year.

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Speculators continue to suggest that Messi and his team, Inter Miami CF, have joined the $PLANET movement. The GOAT and his football club may continue to help to drive interest in the project. Couple this with the ongoing buyback and burn initiatives, $PLANET has the potential to become one of the most valuable crypto projects of 2023 and beyond.

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