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Coco Bets – The New Meme-Inspired Crypto Casino Project

Coco Bets

Coco Bets (ETH: $COCO) is a new meme-inspired, crypto casino project that has been going parabolic on decentralized exchanges for the last 3 weeks. It officially launched on July 28, 2023, and continues to be one of the top trending tokens on DEXTools.io.

$COCO is the native cryptocurrency of the Coco Bets crypto casino, initially inspired by the Milady NFT project, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Just 12-hours after its release, the crypto casino project had hit trading volumes of $36 million, according to Etherscan. $COCO was quickly listed on the Poloniex Exchange, and it surged to 8-cents with a market cap of $8.8 million. The project is also indexed as one of the top gambling tokens on CoinMarketCap

About the Coco Bets Casino

Coco Bets is a provably fair, online casino that offers card, dice, and slots games to players. When a player opens a game looking to place a bet, the server generates a ‘secret’, a ‘seed’, and reveals its ‘hash’, which are all generated using the HMAC SHA256 algorithm.

The server secret represents a randomly shuffled card deck. The server seed is a cryptographically secure random alpha-numeric string. The hash of these 2 strings helps to ensure that the initial card deck is not altered after you choose the bet amount. After the game is finished, the server secret and the server seed are revealed, so you can easily calculate and verify the hash.

The algorithm works in the same way in case of Dice game, except that the server secret represents intially rolled random number (0-9999). When you place a bet this initial roll is adjusted by the Shift value to get the final roll.

Because the client seed can not be predicted by the server, the number of cards cut from the initial deck, dice rolls, or extra spins on the slot machine are completely random; hence you can be sure that the game result is fair.

Provably Fair, Coco Bets
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It is noteworthy to mention that the crypto casino features memetastic slot games featuring Milady, Doge, Pepe, and HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu‘s Sproto Gremlins.

Coco Bets is targeting the budding Gamble-Fi market. To play the games on this crypto casino, you must deposit Ethereum (ETH) or $COCO to start playing.

Shortly after the $COCO token launch, the Coco Bets crypto casino also launched a Telegram Bot version of the casino.

In addition, Coco Bets has started sports betting in their online casino, however this feature is currently not available to US residents.

$COCO Token Performance

As of August 17, 2023, $COCO is trading for $0.05853 per token with a market cap of $5.85 million. The project has a total and max supply of 100 million $COCO, and a 24-hour trading volume of $599.1K on Uniswap V2.

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Social Media

Coco Bets continues to trend and gain traction online. The project has already grown to 6,671 followers on Twitter and 2,316 members on Telegram in its short, 21-day existence.

Gamble-Fi is a Growth Market

The online gambling industry is a growth market projected to be worth over $153 billion by 2030. By positioning itself as a working alternative to fiat-based gambling sites, Coco Bets could become one of the most successful crypto gambling platforms in the world. As a result, the $COCO token could continue to surge exponentially higher, benefiting early holders and adopters of Coco Bets Crypto Casino.

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