Origin Protocol Makes NFT Marketplaces & DeFi Accessible For Everyone

Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol (ETH: $OGN) is an open-source ecosystem that simplifies the creation of NFT marketplaces for the masses.

The project also offers innovative DeFi products, such as Origin Dollar and Origin Ether, allowing you to compound your holdings faster, thanks to their market-leading, risk-adjusted liquid staking mechanism.

Origin Story

Origin Story powers NFT ecosystems, providing creators with custom tools to build branded storefronts and secondary marketplaces.

Origin Story has innovated at the forefront of NFTs since our inception.

From hosting the largest music NFT mint in history, to providing marketplace-as-a-service for premier NFT project Pudgy Penguins, to even selling homes as NFTs – Origin continues to unlock value for some of the most exciting players in the space.

We’re thrilled to announce Origin Story’s latest innovation: Redeemable NFTs!

Story’s new Redeemable NFT platform enables users to redeem NFTs for physical goods which will be shipped to their mailing addresses. The platform also enables redemption of digital items (think: tickets, exclusive content, discount codes, etc.).

All New from Origin Story: Redeemable NFTs
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NFT Expansion

Origin Protocol continues to fixate on the NFT market for good reason. The statistics don’t lie.

  • Only 4% of the U.S. population owns an NFT.
  • The most expensive NFT sold for almost $91.8M.
  • Revenue in the global NFT market was projected to reach $1.6B in 2023.
  • The global market for Music NFTs alone has been projected to reach $6B by 2028.
  • The global NFT market is projected to reach $211.7B by 2030.

Origin Dollar

The Origin Dollar (ETH: $OUSD) is a stablecoin anchored with the US dollar that operates on the Ethereum network. It is a self-custodial and automatic yield-generating token, which allows the holders to have full authority over it. Those who hold $OUSD will automatically receive a +4.11% APY.

* $OUSD APYs are calculated after fees have been taken out.

Origin DeFi Governance Token

The Origin DeFi Governance token (ETH: $OGV) was airdropped to $OUSD holders and $OGN holders in July 2022. The purpose of $OGV is to separate governance between the DeFi and NFT products.

The Origin Dollar’s future is shaped by voters who lock their $OGV and participate in decentralized governance. By manually staking your $OGV, you can receive a combined +55.13% APY from token incentives and $OUSD / $OETH fees.

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Origin Ether

Origin Ether (ETH: $OETH) is a new-age Ethereum yield aggregator that optimizes yield between liquid staking tokens and ether liquidity provisioned on leading Automated Market Makers (AMMs). It benefits from the same automatic yield-boosting mechanism that Origin Dollar invented, providing a top of the industry APY of +6.67%.

* $OETH APYs are calculated after fees have been taken out.

Origin Protocol Founders

Origin Protocol was co-founded by accomplished entrepreneurs, Josh Fraser and Matthew Liu, in 2017.

Josh Fraser started coding at the age of 10 and became deeply interested in the crypto space in 2011. He created the web-optimization service, Torbit, which was eventually acquired by Walmart Labs. 

Matthew Liu bought his first bitcoin in 2012 and participated in the Ethereum crowdsale in 2014. He co-founded PriceSlash, which was acquired by BillShark, and was the CEO / Founder of Unicycle Labs.


The Origin Protocol team includes experienced tech enthusiasts and business leaders who have previously worked in iconic companies like Google, Tesla, YouTube, and PayPal.

Alexis Ohanian (Co-founder of Reddit), Steve Chen (Founder of YouTube), and Randall Kaplan (Founder of Akamai) are some of the original investors in Origin Protocol – that helped raise $38 Million in July 2018.

Origin Protocol Token

$OGN is the native cryptocurrency of Origin Protocol and there are several advantages to holding the token. Holders of the $OGN token will be able:

  • to create and vote on proposals to change and amend the underlying protocol.
  • earn a portion of the revenue generated through fees from the sales in the NFT marketplace.

In addition, 10% of the yields generated by $OUSD are collected as a fee and used to buy back $OGV, which is distributed to $OGV stakers.

Tokenomics of $OGN

At the time of writing, the $OGN token is priced at $0.07493. The token is trading at a discount of -97.6% from its all-time high price of $3.10.

$OGN has a market cap that currently stands at $41.9M and a daily trading volume of $15M. There are currently 559.7M tokens in the circulating supply. There is a maximum supply of 1B $OGN tokens.

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The Bottom Line

Origin Protocol leads the way in Web3 with its record-breaking NFT platform. Creating, customizing, and managing NFT marketplaces has never been easier thanks to Origin Story. Additionally, the project’s DeFi technology is incredibly lucrative, offering a +4.11% and +6.67% APY yield, respectively, with the Origin Dollar and Origin Ether. Origin Protocol offers a true value proposition by opening up opportunities for compounding gains with its DeFi products. This will likely, in turn, attract a much larger investor base, potentially driving the $OGN & $OGV token price back to former ATH prices that we seen during the last bull run.

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