Davita Inc Stock Update

Davita Inc Stock is a healthcare provider specializing in kidney care services in the United States. Its operations encompass various segments, including its U.S. dialysis and related lab services business, U.S. integrated kidney care business, U.S. ancillary services, and international operations. 

The U.S. dialysis and related lab services business primarily serves patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage kidney disease, offering outpatient hemodialysis services, inpatient hospital hemodialysis services, and home-based dialysis services. 

Additionally, the company provides integrated kidney care services, physician services, clinical research programs, transplant software services, and operates internationally, with approximately 2,724 outpatient dialysis centers in the United States.

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Why Investors Should Pay Attention to This Value Stock

Value investors are drawn to identifying undervalued stocks before the broader market recognizes their true worth. 

The Value Style Score assists in pinpointing appealing and discounted stocks by evaluating various ratios such as P/E, PEG, Price/Sales, and Price/Cash Flow.

DaVita HealthCare (DVA) stands out with a strong Value Style Score of A, accompanied by a VGM Score of B, and holds a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) designation. 

DVA’s shares are trading at a forward earnings multiple of 13.4X, along with a PEG Ratio of 1.1, a Price/Cash Flow ratio of 6.4X, and a Price/Sales ratio of 0.8X.

Value investors also consider a company’s earnings performance. In this regard, DVA has received positive attention, with four analysts revising their earnings estimates upward for fiscal 2023 in the last 60 days. 

The Zacks Consensus Estimate has risen by $0.52 to reach $7.22 per share, and DVA maintains an average earnings surprise of 21.4%.

Given its favorable Zacks Ranks, robust earnings performance, compelling valuation metrics, and impressive Value and VGM Style Scores, investors may want to carefully consider including DVA in their portfolios.

Who holds the largest stake in DaVita stock?

Warren Buffett has acquired 36.1 million DaVita shares valued at $3.19 billion, representing 0.99% of his equity portfolio, ranking as the 9th largest holding. 

This investment gives Warren Buffett ownership of 38.34% of the outstanding DaVita stock. His initial position in DaVita began in Q4 2011 and extended through Q4 2014. Since then, he has sold 2.47 million shares. 

The total investment in the stake amounted to $1.93 billion, resulting in a 66% gain for the investor to date.

What’s the current status of DaVita Inc stock?

As of 2:21 PM on Tuesday, October 10, DaVita Inc (NYSE: $DVA) stock is trading at $91.38, marking a $2.88 increase or 3.25% rise compared to the previous closing price of $88.50. 

The stock’s trading range for the day has been between $88.24 and $92.30. 

Today’s trading volume is below the average, with 401,754 shares traded, in contrast to the typical daily volume of 808,859 shares.

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