DeXe Protocol’s All-In-One Toolkit for DAOs Defies Limitations Of The Past


DeXe Protocol (ETH: $DEXE) is an all-in-one toolkit for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that allows you to create and manage DAOs with maximum comfort.

The project brings together more than two dozen DAO ecosystem researchers and developers with extensive experience in DeFi and the cryptocurrency world.

DeXe Protocol: The Project’s Roots

DeXe Protocol started with a small team of like-minded people from Ukraine, centered around Dmytro Kotliarov

Dmytro has been researching cryptocurrencies for more than 10 years. Starting his journey with trading, he reached the depth of studying the problems and pains of the new Web 3.0 world. Dmytro decided to focus his attention on developing the most advanced DAO technology.

DeXe’s DAO Builder and Protocol

DeXe’s DAO builder combines all the modern designs that the market demands. DeXe Protocol allows you to craft DAOs in your organization using completely different types of voting, delegation and resource allocation mechanisms. The best part is that this takes just a few clicks on a single platform. 

The project attempts to solve many of the problems of DAO systems. For example, protocol researchers have found a way around the common problem of plutocracy, which arises from the “one token, one vote” voting system. Instead, the protocol offers a number of other options for voting, including a quadratic system. 

DeXe is also working on training people in the DAO space in conjunction with development.

The project maintains an Twitter with 32.4k followers, where you can regularly see DAO tips, market overviews, analytics, and more. In addition, the protocol has a Substack called DAOism, where they regularly problem solve various cases of DAOs, and more than 2.8K followers on Medium.  

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How Does the DeXe Network Work?

The DeXe platform requires you to install MetaMask to function and explore. The users of this platform do not have to own $DEXE tokens to make themselves participate in the DeXe DAO network. Although, if they want to participate fully in this community, vote, and get more insights from the network, they must acquire $DEXE tokens.

At this point, the builder from DeXe is in the final stages of beta testing and will be available soon.

$DEXE Token

The $DEXE tokens are used by holders for voting and decision-making in the DeXe Dao.

On August 7, 2023, $DEXE was trading for $2.21 per token, while holding a market cap of $80.5M and daily volume reaching over $1M on centralized exchanges. If the project returned to its all-time high price of approximately of $34, an investor would see almost 1,500% in profit.

The $DEXE token’s current circulating supply is 36M, with a total supply of 96.5M.

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Bottom Line

DeXe is an impressive platform that makes DAOs easier to create and manage than it was years ago. The platform offer tools and guidance for its users. Advanced functionalities require $DEXE tokens to operate, giving the native cryptocurrency $DEXE demand from its platform users and a real-life use case.

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