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Empowering Gamers Worldwide: Join the Renaissance on Wilder World’s 5D Metaverse

Wilder World

Wilder World (ETH: $WILD) presents gamers worldwide an immersive new social reality in its NFT-powered, opulent 5D Metaverse.

The $WILD Metaverse, centered in the city of Wiami, is like nothing that you’ve ever seen or experienced before; offering unmatched virtual interactivity with others through its games, virtual events and art exhibitions.

There is even shopping to be done in the Wilder World Metaverse Market; allowing you to bid against other citizens of Wilder World for pieces from the hottest NFT collections on the platform.

Photorealistic 5D Graphics

One of the reasons for the success of Wilder World is its state-of-the-art technology used to create photorealistic 5D graphics. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, designers and developers are able to bring visions of life in a highly representable and mesmerizing way.

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The History of Wilder World

Wild World raised $3 million in 2021 to create a “metaverse” around art that was to be monetized by nonfungible tokens, or NFTs.

Frank Wilder, the founder of the project, officially launched Wilder World on the Ethereum blockchain in May 2021. He is a renowned as ‘the Banksy of the Blockchain’, and achieved significant notoriety for his previous work with celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, and Kevin Durant.

In January 2022, $WILD raised an additional $30 million in USDC to expand its New Dimension of Reality. Established crypto firms, Spartan Group, Animoca Brands and Metakovan’s MetaPurse, were among the top contributors. Other new participants in the fund raise were well-known social media influencer Anthony Pompliano, Baron Davis, Magdalena Kaka, and Boston Celtics co-owner, Stephen Pagliuca.

The DAO Launch and Metropolis Staking

Wilder World’s highly anticipated Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) went live in April 2022. This was a pivotal moment for the project, with its governance voting system in place utilizing the $WILD token.

The DAO launch was also significant as it was a precursor to commencing the long-awaited ‘Metropolis’ staking mechanism.

Since the initial launch of $WILD, the Wilder Nation has asked for the ability to stake their $WILD tokens. We have been listening intently to our community and our team has been diligently working to build out a smooth staking experience for the Wilder Nation. Today, the dream has become a reality and we are ignited to announce that $WILD and Liquidity Pool Token (LP) staking is live on the brand new Staking Portal.


Security First

Wilder World has collaborated with many partner networks and built relationships for the development of this iconic Metaverse world. One of the partners is Ledger, which offers secure chip technology to protect your crypto assets. It will keep the Wilders’ assets, such as tokens, NFTs, Land, and Cribs, safe and secure in the city of Wiami.

The $WILD Token

The $WILD token is the native cryptocurrency of the platform, which helps the economy of Wilder World keep on track.

The citizens of Wilder World can use the $WILD token to trade NFTs within the platform, offering users an agile, exclusive, and liquid NFT market.

Furthermore, these NFTs are not only collectibles, but also provide in-world utilities to the citizens of Wiami. You can buy in-game useable items, such as wheels, kicks, cribs, land, and much more.


$WILD is currently trading for $0.277 per token, which is about a 400% gain over its all-time low price of approximately 7-cents. Looking at it from the opposite side of the spectrum, the $WILD token is extremely cheap trading at 96.53% discount from its all-time high of $8+.

Wilder World’s market cap is recorded at 69.4M with a daily trading volume of $540k. The $WILD token has a circulating supply of 250M with a total and max supply of 500M.

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Social Media

Wilder World has an impressive social media audience. As of August 7, 2023, the project has 179K followers on Instagram, 132.9K followers on Twitter, 27,548 members on Discord, and 8,804 members on Telegram.

The Bottom Line

As the world of gaming, Web3, and NFTs continue to merge, the opportunities with GameFI tokens like $WILD seem to just get better and better. You can’t doubt the mesmerizing graphics, artwork, and design of the NFTs and gameplay of Wilder World.

Timing is of the essence when top crypto projects are down 96%+. With the next Bitcoin halving just 8 months away, there may never be a better time to add top GameFi project, $WILD, to your portfolio.

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