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The Dual $ROCKET Launch: Golden Rocket vs Rocket Raptor

Golden Rocket vs Rocket Raptor

Golden Rocket and Rocket Raptor are tokens launched days apart on the Ethereum blockchain; they have posted great numbers thus far.

The $ROCKET tokens have both got the interest of the crypto community with the amazing numbers they have posted so far. The Golden Rocket token, which is only a few days old, already has a market cap of over $1 million. Rocket Raptor, another token using the $ROCKET symbol, is around 24 hours old and has reached a market cap of over $57,000 thus far. Here is an in-depth look at both of these tokens.  

The Golden Rocket

The Golden Rocket is a deflationary token that burns all taxes. This project does not have any buy tax. However, it features a fixed sell tax of 8%. The team does not use funds from the tax. They are automatically repurchased and removed from circulation. That helps to boost trading activity, stabilize the price, and improve liquidity. The repurchase and burn mechanism is automated via a smart contract.

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The project also features a special incentive of a 15% tax for those that sell their Golden Rocket tokens within 24 hours of purchasing them. Tax from the sales is invested into the Golden Rocket chart, which benefits the entire community.

Golden Rocket provides access to the Tracking Dapp, which provides details like the Total Value Burned (TVB), Total Circulating Supply, Percentage Burnt, and the Current market cap. Thus far, the Golden Rocket $ROCKET tokens have not been listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. When they make the listing, the token price will likely skyrocket as exposure increases.

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The Rocket Raptor

The Rocket Raptor $ROCKET meme coin has been around for about 24 hours, and it has already achieved a listing on CoinMarketCap. It has also been listed by the Binance price tracker, one of the world’s biggest exchanges.

With an impressive market cap of over $57,000 a few hours after launch, the growing exposure will likely push prices to the moon. The Rocket Raptor ($ROCKET) token is inspired by the rocket boosters for SpaceX rockets, called the Raptor engines.

 ​The tokens’ target is imaginative and enthusiastic investors. Their association with Elon Musk, who is behind SpaceX, will also likely boost interest in these tokens. Its Raptor mascot shooting to the moon symbolizes the potential for this project to take off.

​The project focuses on growing community engagement to boost the performance of the Rocket Raptor token. It aspires to grow collaborations, interactions, and discussions around the token. The developers have planned events that keep members active in the project.

To build trust in the project, all founder and presale tokens will remain locked for at least 30 days. It will help to reassure potential investors there is no risk of a rug pull. Additionally, the project will ensure that it is open to regular audits to assure the community of its security.

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The Golden Rocket and Rocket Raptor projects are both doing quite well. With both based on similar concepts, Rocket Raptor is likely to follow in the path of the Golden Rocket tokens, and it could see its market cap rise to over $1 million in the next few days.

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