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NVIDIA’s (NASDAQ: $NVDA) DRIVE Solutions Emerge as Top Choice for Electric Vehicle Makers

NVIDIA Corp. (NASDAQ: $NVDA) is a leading American tech company primarily known for its graphic processing units (GPUs) and related technology. They rank 6th on the Fortune 500 list. The company is a significant player in the GPU industry, providing innovative hardware solutions, professional visualization, and automotive markets.

NVIDIA has developed specialized GPU architectures like CUDA for parallel computing. Consequently, their GPUs are suitable for a range of computational tasks beyond graphics rendering. In recent years, NVIDIA has also made significant advancements in AI and machine learning with products like the NVIDIA Tesla and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.

On 8th January, the company announced that Li Auto, a leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has chosen NVIDIA Drive Thor. They will use the centralized car computer to control its next-generation fleet. It is an advanced, innovative, and centralized computing system developed by NVIDIA for the safety and security of automated vehicles.

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NVIDIA also mentioned that other EV makers such as Great Wall Motor (GWM), ZEEKR, and Xiaomi had implemented the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™ platform to their smart, automated driving system.

Xinzhou Wu, VP of automotive at NVIDIA, said, “The transportation industry is embracing centralized compute for highly automated and autonomous driving.” He added that,

“The AI car computer of choice for today’s intelligent fleets is NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, with automakers increasingly looking to the advanced capabilities and AI performance of its successor, NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, for their future vehicle roadmaps.

About NVIDIA Drive Thor and Orin

Drive Thor is NVIDIA’s powerful centralized computer. It can integrate a diverse range of smart functions. These include assisted parking, driving, and monitoring drivers and occupants. Additionally, it supports rear-seat entertainment, and the digital instrument cluster. Everything works within a unified architecture that boosts efficiency, and lowers the system’s cost. 

Orin works as a central computer for smart cars.  It manages numerous applications and concurrent deep neural networks in autonomous vehicles and robots, all while meeting rigorous safety standards.

CEO and Founder of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, said, “Advances in accelerated computing and AI are moving at lightspeed.” He added, “DRIVE Thor is the superhero of centralized compute, with lightning-fast performance to deliver continuously upgradable, safe and secure software-defined supercomputers on wheels.

Innovating the Future of Transportation with NVIDIA’s Drive Thor

Great Wall Motor, the leading China automotive manufacturer, has announced that it will launch its own self-developed driving system. It will be based on DRIVE Orin’s centralized computing system. Coffee Pilot is a powerful system that supports high-speed parking and other urban scenarios. It provides a comprehensive intelligent navigation system and advanced driving functions without any precise map.

GWM spokesperson said, “LLM-driven AI technology will profoundly enhance future mobility as well as the entire automotive industry.” He added, “GWM is committed to working with NVIDIA and other industry-leading players to offer greener, smarter mobility for all.”

EV subsidiary of Geely, ZEEKER, has launched their fourth model of luxury Sedan,. They will utilize the capabilities of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin for power.

Vice President of ZEEKR, Chen Qi, said, “ZEEKR is proud to work with NVIDIA on innovative, safe autonomous driving capabilities.” He also said, “The new ZEEKR Luxury Sedan’s in-house-developed ADAS system is made possible with the energy-efficient, high-performance NVIDIA DRIVE car computing platform.”

NVIDIA Stock Update: $NVDA

$NVDA is currently trading at the price of $526.01 per share, rising 0.72% from the previous of $522.23. At the time of writing, the market cap is $1.3 trillion, with a volume of 27,407,872.

Should You Invest in $NVDA?

Yes. NVIDIA is currently focusing on AI technologies, and that’s one of the reasons why EV giants are acquiring its technologies. However, remember to stay updated on the company to make informed stock-buying decisions.

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