Rollbit Coin – A Hidden Gem You Should Know About


Rollbit Coin (ETH: $RLB) is an ERC-20 token created for the Rollbit Casino. The cryptocurrency has been amongst the top trending coins in the past year.

$RLB is the utility token of the Rollbit Casino, which was founded in February 2020. The fully functioning crypto casino offers access to numerous online casino games. The casino has been quite successful, with over a million registered users. According to Rollbit, over $40 million is wagered daily on casino games, with over $5 billion to date. The crypto casino is fully licensed by the Government of Curacao.

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Features of Rollbit Casino

The Rollbit Casino has numerous unique features that include:

Bonus Battles – The feature introduces a unique social component to casino gaming by letting users compete with others to win a pooled amount of bonus buys.

Challenges – The feature allows users to win prizes with high enough bet sizes and multipliers. It helps to increase the excitement level.

Provably Fair In-house Games – These games include Plinko, X-Flip, Rollbot Bonanza, X-Roulette, Rollercoaster and X-Crash.

Leveraged Crypto Trading – Players on Rollbit can trade over 20 of the leading crypto coins with no bid-offer spread and up to 1000X leverage. According to the casino, they see trading volumes of over $1 billion daily.

Crypto Portfolio – Rollbit allows users to sell the top 125 crypto coins by market cap in a single platform.

NFT Lootboxes – This unique, provably fair game lets users win high-value NFTs.

Rollbot NFTs – Rollbit released its first NFT collection in October 2021. They were so confident in the collection that they offered a 30-day buyback for all unsatisfied first buyers. Due to the success of the first release, they released a second NFT collection in March 2022. The NFTs give holders special privileges in the casino.

NFT Marketplace – Rollbit launched an NFT marketplace with the release of their first NFT collection. The marketplace was a gas-less marketplace, which was meant to ease NFT adoption. It also features a profit-sharing mechanism where revenue from the marketplace is shared with NFT holders.

$RLB Token Details

The $RLB token is an integral part of the Rollbit lottery. During the launch, there was no ICO; all $RLB tokens were airdropped free to the community. The tokens were originally launched on the Solana blockchain. However, to widen the reach of the token, it migrated to the Ethereum blockchain in June 2023.

Rollbit has implemented a buy-and-burn mechanism to improve the token’s price performance. A portion of the revenue from the casino is used to buy and burn $RLB tokens. Due to the high revenue from the casino, the amount of Rollbit bought daily is extremely high. There was a max supply of 5 billion $RLB tokens. However, due to the deflationary buy and burn mechanism, the circulating supply will continue to drop significantly over time.

$RLB Token Price Performance

Rollbit Coin has seen a consistent uptick in price since January. Over the last few months, the $RLB token’s price has grown significantly. It went from a low of $0.00213 on January 28th to the current price of $0.153, representing a price increase of more than +7,083%. $RLB’s current price is a -25.94% price discount on its all-time high price of $0.2066, which it achieved on August 29, 2023.

Rollbit 1-Year Chart

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Social Media

Rollbit Coin has a massive social following with 151.2K followers on Twitter, 39.2k followers on Instagram, and 50,880 members on Discord.

All Things Considered

Rollbit Coin has a great future ahead. The $RLB token is backed by a solid online crypto casino doing great numbers. With the implementation of the deflationary mechanism, the $RLB token’s price will likely continue to rise in the long term.

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