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The Latest On The Dejitaru Tsuka Dragon: $TSUKA

TSUKA Update

Dejitaru Tsuka (ETH: $TSUKA) has been one of the most exciting Ethereum tokens of the past year. With its vibrant community and rapidly expanding investor base, it is a project that deserves your full attention.

We previously covered the Dejitaru Tsuka token explaining its mysterious origins and secretive founders. Nearly three weeks later, not much has changed except that overall interest in $TSUKA continues to surge, however the token is currently trading at a 15% discount from our last mention. While created just as a meme coin, this project with growing utility could become one of the strongest finishers in 2023 amongst all crypto projects.

Tsuka Sangha Grows Stronger

Tsuka Sangha, the Dejitaru Tsuka community, continues to strengthen. While the token’s market cap continues to fluctuate, the community has held strong and attracted new members. $TSUKA aims to bring positivity to the crypto community by redefining decentralization, art and promoting a community based on positivity.

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Progress on $TSUKA’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

One of the projects that is eagerly awaited by the $TSUKA community is the launch of a DEX called Uruloki. While the launch date of the platform has yet to be revealed, it is something that the developers are hard at work crafting. The DEX will allow for the creation of a decentralized order book that can group multiple orders to enable arbitraging between assets.

In the meantime, there are numerous options for anyone to buy $TSUKA tokens. The tokens are listed on several leading centralized exchanges like Poloniex, Bitget, Gate.io, and MEXC. It is also listed on the Uniswap v2 decentralized exchange and many others.

$TSUKA Has Massive Growth Potential

Solely as a meme coin, Tsuka has the potential for massive growth. At the height of its popularity, the token had a market cap of over $170 million. That was an amazing feat to achieve, considering how crowded the crypto market is.

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Since then, $TSUKA has continued its consolidation phase above the $30 million market cap mark. Unlike most meme coins that only last a few days, The Dejitaru Tsuka project has withstood the test of time and continues to excel. Most meme coins do not last for a year, but $TSUKA has proved everyone wrong by recently achieving a one-year milestone. Additionally, its online community has expanded significantly, and it now has over 31,000 followers on Twitter.

Based on existing data, and past performance, the $TSUKA meme coin will likely experience another bull run. It should easily achieve a new all-time high, much higher than the $170 million it achieved in early 2023.

Final Thoughts

$TSUKA is not just any other meme coin with its long-term plan of action and a committed community. Additionally, it has suspected ties to Ryoshi, the departed founder of Shiba Inu (ETH: $SHIB), creator of one of the most successful meme coins ever.

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