YouTuber Creates Viral Memecoin $TURBO That Peaked At $100M+

TURBO Token Featured

A YouTuber and digital artist, Rhett Mankind, created a meme coin using GPT-4 that went viral early last month.

At its height on May 6th, the Turbo token achieved a market cap of over $101 million, which it accomplished within just about two weeks of launch. Rhett Mankind, a digital artist, first revealed the Turbo token on April 23rd on his Twitter. He said that gave GPT-4 instructions to develop a meme with a $69 budget.

Even more impressive, Mankind has no coding knowledge. GPT-4, a large language model AI, developed 75% of the smart contract code, tokenomics, and a whitepaper. He created the Turbo token mascot design, a futuristic toad that he named Quantum Leap. Mankind created the mascot using the Midjourney image generator AI.

On the second day, Mankind had the smart contract and found someone to audit it. The smart contract was then verified and deployed on Etherscan. However, he had already spent $400, more than his initial budget of $69. The community that was growing around the project donated 4ETH for him to proceed with the project.

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This Unique MemeCoin Developed Utility

While Turbo coin was created as a meme coin, it had already found some utility. TURBO is now accepted on Manifold, a Web3 creator platform. Users can mint the Quantum Leap mascot for 1 $TURBO.

Soon after, the community voted for Mankind to relinquish control of the token’s smart contract. As it stands, the Turbo token is entirely governed by its community.

TURBO Demonstrates the Power of AI

The most impressive feature of the Turbo token is that it was created using instructions generated by GPT-4. Its creator has no background in coding. In future, AI-generated crypto projects will undoubtedly become a mainstay of the crypto landscape.

It shows that AI has the potential to reshape crypto projects. The technology can be used to bring concepts into the real world with minimal investment and community support.

A Quick Look At The TURBO Token Ecosystem

The Turbo ecosystem is based on a model of fair distribution. There are no taxes, and its launch was crowd-funded. Additionally, it is governed wholly by the community. Due to this, some have argued that it is the best token for mass adoption. However, there is still some debate about it.

TURBO Token Performance

The Turbo token soared to over $101 million upon its initial launch in less than two weeks. What is most impressive about this is that the extraordinary growth occurred during crypto winter.


TURBO Token Chart - DEXTools

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While the Turbo token has dropped from its initial high of over $101 million, the token’s market cap has stabilized at around $12 million. With a massive, organic community having developed around it, the token will likely continue performing well in the long term.

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