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A Deep Dive into Aleph Zero – The Zero Knowledge Proof Public Blockchain

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero (COIN: $AZERO) is a project born from the race to solve the blockchain trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization.

The $AZERO project is a layer-1 blockchain that offers users low transaction fees, instant finality, and enhanced security. The project aims to lead the march to Web3, focusing on enhancing privacy. Developers on Aleph Zero have access to privacy-enhancing tools that they can use to create a robust ecosystem.

Why Aleph Zero Stands Out

A custom algorithm that utilizes the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology powers the Aleph Zero platform. As a result, Aleph Zero is able to run as an efficient decentralized ecosystem. The entire ecosystem was designed from the ground up with customizable business solutions in mind. These businesses can interact with other parties with instant settlement on a decentralized ledger that offers the authenticity of centralized records.  

Another unique feature of the $AZERO platform is its privacy model. The model lets a business have a private instance to interact with the main decentralized ledger. It allows enterprises to interact with each other in a trustless manner while still maintaining privacy.

During testing, Aleph Zero has achieved a validation speed of 416 milliseconds, with a capacity of 89,000 transactions per second (TPS). The current Aleph Zero network was implemented in Rust, which ensures easy integration with Parity’s Substrate technology stack.

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Zero Knowledge Proof Technology

An important technology built into Aleph Zero is the zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and secure multi-party computation (sMPC). The two technologies work together to ensure the privacy and security of user data. These two technologies can change how internet privacy works and help people retain control of their online personas.

The ZK-SNARKs are used in securely passing a secret key between users, which the sMPC helps to guard the data through multiple computers which do not have access to the data without unanimous consensus. Both will allow the internet to become a place where sensitive data can only be accessed with our permission.

The Funding Program

As part of its goal to become a major ecosystem, $AZERO has implemented a funding program. Any developer can apply for the fund if they have a project that will expand the functionalities, capabilities, and adoption of Aleph Zero. Projects can be proof of concept or comprised of experienced teams with existing solutions deployed on other platforms.

Tokenomics of $AZERO

Aleph Zero has a native cryptocurrency known as $AZERO. The project is based on an inflationary model, where 30 million new coins are issued annually. The initial circulating supply of the project was set at 160 million $AZERO. As of July 31 2023, the total issuance is 337.712 M. No burn mechanism has been implemented for $AZERO tokens. However, a burn mechanism could be implemented as the project matures.

Aleph Zero’s market cap is currently over $247 million as of July 31, 2023. Additionally, its daily trading volume is quite high at $1.17 million. Another important metric is its online community, which is growing fast. It currently has over 157K followers on Twitter / X alone.

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All Things Considered

Aleph Zero is a niche project that is helping to fill a major gap in the market. It will provide enterprises with a secure and fast platform to explore blockchain technology. In general, Aleph Zero is working on technologies that could propel blockchain adoption while redefining how we think about privacy on the internet. As a long-term investment, $AZERO seems like a good choice. With a huge social media following, and solid value proposition, it has all the ingredients needed for takeoff.

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