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KINE Protocol – The Low-Cost & High-Efficiency Decentralized Trading Platform


If you are a crypto trader looking for a transparent and secure decentralized exchange (DEX) with low trading fees and high efficiency, then KINE Protocol (ETH: $KINE) is an ideal choice for you. $KINE allows users to seamlessly transact with peer-to-peer functionality, completely removing the need for third party intermediaries.

What is the KINE Protocol and Its Purpose?

Kine Protocol is a decentralized derivatives platform aimed at building a derivatives market with unlimited liquidity and making derivatives trading simple, quick, and transparent for users. It is powered by a point-to-point engine and the most advanced cross-margining tool, which enables it to maximize capital efficiency under the optimal leverage ratio. $KINE has become the leading platform in the current decentralized derivatives market.

About Us, KINE

The project’s liquidity pool acts as a passive counterparty for the traders and allows them to open or close asset positions following the trusted price feeds, while neglecting the need for counterparties.

KINE Protocol also lowers the restrictions on peer-to-contract (peer-to-pool) trading protocols by broadening the collateral space to include Ethereum-based assets.

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KINE Protocol Features

KINE Protocol utilizes innovative market-maker mechanism technology and a layer-2 network, allowing traders to have zero-gas fees and instant transactions. The platform also offers 200x leverage with cross-margining, minimum-slippage execution, and no scam wicks.

$KINE employs on-chain staking and off-chain execution, which lowers the trading cost, making it an affordable platform for users worldwide. Unlike centralized exchanges, the KINE Protocol has a smooth and flexible way to start trading through the Decentralized Wallet Login. Simply connect your MetaMask, BitKeep, or Math Wallet to start trading.

KINE Protocol Rewards Center

In July 2023, the KINE Protocol launched a new Rewards Center for users. This Reward Center allows Newbie traders to get a Registration, Enhanced Security, Deposit and Initial Trading bonus.

$KINE users can benefit by completing the 4-tier Trading Challenge. There is also an instant draw in the Daily Mystery Chest, which unlocks a thrilling experience with a variety of daily perks and endless rewards.

KINE Affiliate Program

The KINE Affiliate Program is incredibly lucrative. You can start at a 40% commission with zero trading volume requirements. To become an affiliate of the KINE Protocol, please send an email to rengar@kine.io and mention @DEXWireNews.

$KINE Token

$KINE is the native cryptocurrency of the KINE Protocol, issued on Ethereum ERC-20 standards. The token helps to maintain the economy of the KINE protocol. The $KINE token holders have the privilege to vote for the improvement of the platform and earn a share of the fee pool and receive distributions.

Tokenomics of $KINE

The current price of $KINE is $0.07545 per token. It is currently trading at a 98.8% discount from the all-time price of $6.62. The market cap of the $KINE token is sitting at just $1.5M. $KINE currently has a circulating supply of 20.2M and a max supply of 100M tokens, with a fully diluted market cap at $7.6M.

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Social Media

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KINE Protocol is a safe, secure, and low-cost decentralized exchange, giving maximum benefits to its users by introducing new features and rewards often. The platform is easy to use and requires no gas fees for trading assets. KINE Protocol is listed as one of the top three DEXs on CoinMarketCap, which holds the respect of cryptocurrency investors worldwide. The price of the $KINE token is extremely low at the moment, and it could prove to be a lucrative investment as we move closer to the next bull market.

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